September 14, 2017

CIM Announces 15% Tuition Reset for 2018-19

CIM Orchestra students

As America’s leader in the march toward more affordable conservatory and music school tuition, CIM's President and CEO Paul W. Hogle today shared unprecedented news for potential music students and those who help pay for their education.

In a bold first step for the 2018-19 academic year, CIM tuition will be reset to $40,000 from its current $47,200. This comes on the heels of last year’s news of tuition being held flat for 2017-18, the first year without an increase in more than half a century. CIM’s definitive action addresses the national conversation on the ever-burgeoning price of college tuition.

“Our Board of Trustees has done a tremendous amount of analysis, contemplation and strategic thinking,” says Hogle, “so we are in an excellent position to address affordability, while keeping the needs of the students front and center. We also just completed two of the most successful annual fundraising campaigns in the Institute’s history, which allows us to pursue this strategy from a position of financial strength.”

Typically, when schools lower tuition, there is a commensurate plan to enroll more students to increase revenue. This is not CIM’s approach. “In fact,” says Hogle, “we are likely to become even more selective over time.” This move provides an important foundation to improve CIM’s position in the marketplace and enhance its ability and ongoing commitment to retain and attract the most talented classical music students in the world.

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