Audition Day

Live auditions are a window into the life of an institution. If invited, we strongly encourage you to witness our dynamic learning environment. Live auditions in Cleveland consist of a warm up, an audition, exams and an interview. We also offer opportunities to tour our campus, visit University Circle, meet with students, faculty and administration.

The CIM Women’s Committee will provide complimentary lunch service for all applicants and their families. A personal schedule will be given to you upon check in on the morning of the audition. You will be able to choose an audition date through your status page by December 20. Reminder - notifications will be sent to eligible applicants. Please note: Requests for rescheduling auditions are subject to availability, and there is a $50 fee.

Scheduling Travel

Plan to be available for a minimum of eight hours for your audition, interview and examinations. The audition day will begin at 8:30am and end at about 5pm. If you are flying out of Cleveland after your audition, please do not plan return flights before 7pm.


CIM provides an accompanist for all voice and collaborative piano auditions held in Cleveland. Voice applicants must bring their own accompanists if participating in the New York audition. Collaborative piano auditions are held only in Cleveland. Accompaniment is not required for any other audition at CIM.

Applicant Interview

All students who attend a live audition will participate in an interview with a senior staff member. The purpose of the interview is to understand first hand why you believe you would fit into the culture and fabric of CIM. No preparation needed; just be yourself!