Auditioning for CIM

Auditions for spring and fall 2021 entry will occur entirely online for all areas of study. Applicants who pass the prescreening, or whose major does not require a prescreen, will be invited to upload their performance videos of the audition repertoire by February 1. As part of the audition process for 2021, students will have the opportunity to present their recorded auditions in a live, online meeting with the faculty for their area of study.

Learn more about CIM's prescreening requirements and virtual auditions.


Students studying in areas that require a prescreening will upload their videos by the application deadline of December 1. Prescreening decisions will be released on or before December 20.  

All DMA and AD candidates must provide a prescreening video regardless of instrument. DMA and AD applicants that do not require a prescreen round should submit approximately 30 minutes of the audition requirements.

Find more information around prescreening requirements

Virtual Auditions

Applicants who pass prescreening, or whose major does not require a prescreen, will be invited to sign up for a virtual audition day on one of the Sundays in February. 

All auditions for spring and fall 2021 entry will be recorded and submitted. Applicants must upload audition videos, featuring the required repertoire, by February 1. Any repertoire questions should be sent to the head of the department for which you are auditioning. Audio is not accepted for prescreening or auditions unless it's for composition majors who do not have a live video recording of their work. 

As part of the audition experience, you will also participate in a live, real-time interaction with the faculty in your area of study. You and the faculty will listen to your recorded audition together. Every applicant will also interview with a member of CIM’s senior administration.

CIM is committed to providing an equal opportunity to every auditioning student. Although recorded auditions create an even field in terms of audition delivery, we understand that not every student has access to the equipment needed for recording. Applicants who are invited to audition will receive the opportunity to tell us about their set up. If you do not have access to the resources needed, the Admissions Office and possible community partners will assist you in setting up a successful audition.   

You will be asked to provide information about your equipment and set up when you sign up for an audition. This will assist the Admissions Office in making sure you and the faculty are prepared to meet on one of the Sundays in February. 

Dates for Fall 2021 Entrance

  • September 1, 2020  |  Application opens
  • December 1, 2020  |  Application & prescreening video deadline 
  • February 1, 2021  |  Audition video deadline 
  • February 7, 14, 21 and 28, 2021  |  Live, virtual auditions
  • Late March, 2021  |  Admittance decisions & scholarship awards announced
  • April 15, 2021  |  Graduate decision deadline
  • May 1, 2021  |  Undergraduate decision deadline 

Specific audition dates and instructions for your area of study will be made available on our Audition Day page.