The Cleveland Institute of Music Tuition Promise

CIM has been a leading voice in striving for greater access and affordability in music education. In 2018, concerned about escalating costs across the country, CIM took a step unprecedented among independent conservatories and top tier schools of music in the US and lowered tuition 15 percent. CIM reset the tuition down to $40,000 and has kept tuition flat since then.

Now, the CIM Tuition Promise takes CIM's commitment to support students even further.

As a student at CIM, you can pursue your art and your education with the confidence that your base tuition rate will not increase during your program. This promise further sets the Institute apart from its peers as the only school to make this commitment. 

About the CIM Tuition Promise

Beginning April 1, 2022, all incoming students in 2022-23 will have the certainty that their base tuition rate will not increase during the pursuit of their degree. This promise applies to the base tuition rate for the normal expected length of a student’s CIM program.

Housing costs, fees, surcharges and any other costs falling outside of the base tuition rate are excluded from the Promise and are subject to change. The exclusions include, but are not limited to, the comprehensive fee, accompanying service fee, health service fee, health insurance fee, housing, meals, dual degree tuition surcharge, double major surcharge, secondary study fee, over maximum credit surcharge, orientation fees, summer English course fee, piano rental fee, and the late registration fee.

Cost of Attendance

Since CIM's tuition reset in 2018-19, the base tuition fee remains at $40,000. The 2022-23 academic year will be CIM's fifth year without an increase to the base tuition fee. The Promise goes even further and provides you and your family with the certainty that tuition will not increase during your CIM program.

Please view the full cost of attendance(s) below for new and returning conservatory students to learn more about housing, meals and other direct and indirect costs – in addition to tuition – associated with attending CIM and living in Cleveland, one of our nation’s most affordable major cities.


In addition to the Promise, nearly all CIM students receive some level of financial aid. Please visit our Financial Aid page to learn more.

Net Price Calculator

You can also use the Net Price Calculator from the US Department of Education, customized for the Cleveland Institute of Music, to help get a basic estimate as to what aid you may receive, based on your financial need. Please note, this estimate applies only to undergraduates and is based on 2021-22 academic year data.