We understand that you are a key partner in financing a college education and the following information will navigate the financial aid process:

  • Know that most communication from CIM goes directly to the student's CIM email address (once enrolled) and this includes the billing statements.
  • According to the federal regulations, typically undergraduates between the ages of 18-24 are classified "dependent" for financial aid considerations. The following dependency-related questions on the FAFSA are the determining factors as to whether a student is dependent or independent for aid purposes (which has no bearing or correlation to dependency status for IRS tax purposes)

FERPA - Most student records are confidential and protected by federal privacy laws unless a student fills out a FERPA Consent Form, which can be found in NetPartner. Current and newly confirmed students must give written consent to CIM before CIM is permitted to discuss any student-specific information to a parent, spouse or any other person about student-specific information (such as tuition balance due, financial aid, grades, etc.).