Undergraduate students are required to live on campus for their first two years of collegiate study. The rest of our students rent apartments and houses within University Circle or in nearby neighborhoods. Although it's the student’s responsibility to secure suitable housing off-campus, CIM is happy to assist with the search.

On-Campus Housing

Cutter House Residence Hall

CIM's residence hall is located directly across from the conservatory, allowing for a quick and easy commute. On the first floor, there's a community lounge with a pool table, ping pong table, and television. Each floor has its own study lounge. Balconies allow you to enjoy fresh air and sunlight throughout the fall and spring. Cutter House is a co-educational residence hall, with men living on the 2nd floor, women on the 3rd floor, and the 4th floor housing both men and women. 

The majority of rooms are doubles, with single and quad/triple rooms available to returning students. Each room is wired for cable TV and fiber-optic Internet connections. You'll have access to a basic set of furniture, including a bed frame/loft, mattress, desk, chair, and dresser. We encourage you to bring your own furnishings to make your room feel like home.

Resident assistants (RAs) live on each floor. They're the students' primary contact and can assist with resolving roommate issues. For more information, download the Cutter House Handbook.

Housing Preference Form

Students with freshman and sophomore standing are required to live in the residence hall. In order to secure the best match for roommates, you will need to log in to Slate and complete the Housing Preference Form. If you have issues logging in, contact Resident Director Cicely Schonberg at cicely.schonberg@cim.edu. If you have any questions about this form or if you'd like to make any changes, please contact CIM Student Affairs at (216) 791-5000.

Off-Campus Housing

Suggested Neighborhoods

Most upperclassmen and graduate students choose to live off campus in apartments or rental houses located in University Circle (Hessler Road, East 115th, or Uptown apartments) or in neighborhoods bordering campus (Little Italy, Coventry and Cleveland Heights), which are an easy commute by bicycle or on foot. You'll have access to a public transportation pass to help you commute and get around the city.

Key Resources

Housing FAQs

Am I eligible to live off campus?

Undergraduates must live in CIM housing for the first two years of collegiate studies. Due to limits on available housing in residence halls, second-year undergraduates may be released from the housing requirement. If the Cleveland area is your permanent home, you are automatically released in the second year if you elect to commute from your home address. Transfer students who have already completed two years of collegiate study are also automatically released.

Graduate students live off-campus. In rare circumstances CIM may be able to provide space in a residence hall to a graduate student. Please contact the CIM Office of Student Affairs if you would like to be considered for on-campus housing.

Will living off campus affect my financial aid?

For an undergraduate student, living off campus will change the budget used to calculate your financial aid package. If you are receiving any grant money in your package, living off campus could affect the amount you receive. Check with the Office of Financial Aid prior to requesting a release. Financial aid for graduate students living off campus should not be affected.

What should I look for in a lease?

Do you know what to look for in a lease, and the kinds of questions you need to ask a prospective landlord? Learn all you need to know about the basics, including security deposits, inspections, and overall maintenance and security. We offer a list of market prices for off-campus apartments, homes and other housing. The Center for Online Education provides a Student Guide to College Housing regarding important facts to keep in mind as you look at off-campus housing options.