Residence Life oversees the community of students who reside in CIM's student housing. Resident assistants and the resident director work together to employ a variety of programs to enhance community development and engagement on campus for all students. The team also facilitates activities that will help to increase the awareness and understanding of diverse communities, backgrounds and perspectives.

Under the leadership of student affairs administrators, the Residence Life team maintains an enriching and supportive environment and living experience that contributes to the academic and personal growth and success of CIM students.

Our Commitment

We strive to achieve success in all aspects of that which we do and put particular emphasis on the following:

Excellence (not Perfection): The support of each student as they work to develop their gifts to fullest potential.

Community: Accountability to and participation in a diverse group of students that fosters responsible decision making, positive and purposeful relationships, and a sense of belonging at CIM.

Respect: Interactions guided by civility, integrity, authenticity and the resolution of differences through restorative practices.

Wellness: Care for each student's emotional, physical and mental well-being, including access to campus counseling resources.