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CIM 360 provides the Cleveland Institute of Music's students with a comprehensive wellness program that encourages their growth as musicians and supports their overall wellbeing through experiences designed to enhance their abilities as performers.

We know it can be hard to focus on your wellbeing in a fast-paced conservatory environment. That is why, throughout the semester, students can expect various scheduled events meant to provide them with that vital time.

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Upcoming Events

Check back frequently, as dates and time of new events are continuously being added!

Meditation for Musicians | February 15, March 7, and April 25

with David Brockett

Thursday, February 15 at 11:30am | Room 217
Thursday, March 7 at 11:30am | Room 217
Thursday, April 25 at 7:00pm | Room 113

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David Brockett

David Brockett received his Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Cleveland State University after completing an internship at The Cleveland Clinic in their Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program, where he provided individual and group counseling for the patients, as well as teaching mindfulness and meditation techniques for coping with chronic pain.

He also holds degrees in Music Performance from the Cleveland Institute of Music and The University of Akron. He has been a performer for over thirty years, including several seasons playing with The Cleveland Orchestra. Neurological injury led to a shift in career focus, which includes his ongoing work with performers in mindfulness and meditation techniques for a variety of issues including performance anxiety.

He has taught master classes in mindfulness, meditation and mental health at The Cleveland Institute of Music, Northwestern University, Miami University (Ohio), and Michigan State University as well as to members of major orchestras, including The Cleveland Orchestra, the Cincinnati Symphony, and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Feldenkrais | February 16 and April 26

with Russell Hall

Friday, February 16 at 11:30am | Room 217
Friday, April 26 at 4:00pm | Room 113

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Russell Hall

Russell Hall, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, was a licensed physical therapist from 1977 to 2013, when he retired completely from that state-licensed profession.  In 2001 he completed a Feldenkrais 
professional training program, and he has exceeded annual re-certification requirements every year with the Feldenkrais Guild of North America.  Working with professional musicians has been a strong interest over the past 30 years, finding how to take unhelpful effort and tension out of the improvement of technique.  Together with fellow Feldenkrais teacher Samantha Damoulakis, he has been teaching in two Feldenkrais classes a semester at CIM since 2013.  This collaboration has been quite helpful in the ongoing exploration of how to meet individual students where they are.

Body Mapping | March 8 and April 5

with Kelly Mollnow Wilson

Friday, March 8 at 1:00pm | Room 217
Friday, April 5 at 1:00pm | Room 217

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Music making is all about choices. As musicians, we are used to making choices about tone color, dynamics, phrase shaping and vibrato styles. Musicians are also responsible for their own movement choices. Every sound we make as musicians is a result of movement somewhere; the task becomes finding the movement choices that support our musical choices. The problem is that most musicians are not trained to understand how their bodies are actually designed to move, unlike dancers and athletes, who are movers by definition. When musicians learn to use their bodies differently, many find that pain and discomfort are eliminated, technique improves and the ability to be musically expressive increases.

Kelly Mollnow Wilson

Kelly Mollnow Wilson is a musician, manual therapist and movement educator who teaches musicians to move with ease and comfort. Her teaching brings together a deep understanding of anatomy and human movement and a passion for empowering musicians to take ownership of their movement choices as they craft musically convincing and authentic performances. As a licensed member of the Association for Body Mapping Education, Ms. Wilson teaches Body Mapping at Oberlin Conservatory and has presented workshops around the US. 

As the owner of Precision Performance and Therapy, Kelly uses her skills as a Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) Practitioner and Licensed Massage Therapist to provide manual therapy for those dealing with pain and discomfort. In addition, her credentials include Rocktape Functional Movement Training (FMT) Basic Certification with additional study of Anatomy in Motion and Certified Personal Training. Her own experience with injury allows her to empathize with her clients and help fill the gaps that musicians frequently encounter when retraining and recovering from injury.

LifeOpus Coaching | March 9, April 13, and April 27

with Jo Zakany

Saturday, March 9 at 6:00pm | Room 113
Saturday, April 13 at 6:00pm | Thomas Commons
Saturday, April 27 at 6:00pm | Thomas Commons

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An intimate group coaching session where individuals bring up musical issues of their choice, and we coach on a solution! Topics can vary from practice and performance stress, self-compassion, audition mindset, future-focused anxiety, confidence, perfectionism, all-or-nothing mentality, how to structure a practice schedule ,music-life balance, mindfulness in the practice room, growth vs. striving approach, and so on.

Jo ZakanyJoanna Patterson Zakany (Jo for short) enjoys a mosaic-inspired life as a musician, yogi, coach and entrepreneur. She joined the viola section of The Cleveland Orchestra at the age of 21 years old, and in addition to performing with this incredible group, she has been Guest Principal of the Detroit Symphony and performs with the All-Star orchestra. She also has an active chamber music career as a founding member of the Omni Quartet, and has 15+ years of teaching experience as a Professor and educator at both CSU and KSU. Outside of the performing world, she is a Certified Yoga Instructor, and after training at Duke University as a Health and Well-being coach, she put it all together in the creation of her business: MindfulOpus. Her mission is to to help those in the classical music world find physical and mental wellness, so they can enjoy a balanced and thriving life both on and off stage.

Alexander Technique | April 4 and 5

with Diana McCollough

Thursday, April 4 at 7:00pm | Room 113
Friday, April 5 at 9:00am | Room 217

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The Alexander Technique is a method for developing conscious use of oneself in all of life's activities, and is utilized by musicians, dancers and actors. This 120-year-old evidence-based somatic method enhances psychophysical functioning through integration of mind with body. Watch any toddler making their way through the world, and you will see a body in motion, and a body well-balanced. Each one of us arrives this way, and we can return to inherent ease with a re-education of our kinesthetic sense.

Diana McCollough

Diana McCullough is an Alexander Technique teacher, affiliated with Alexander Technique International. She teaches the Technique at Ohio State University and is a guest lecturer at regional universities/conservatories, including Capital University, Ohio University and Indiana University. She offers classes and workshops in her Columbus Ohio studio and is currently compiling a collection of Alexander Technique Talks for publication.