Limited Library Access



Q: How can I renew items online? 

A: Since CIM has a semester loan policy, we do not allow people to renew items online. Instead, items must be checked in and checked out again. OhioLINK items and items borrowed from Case Libraries however, may be renewed online via My Library Account. Please inquire at the Circulation Desk if you don't know your Account Number or Password.

ID Cards in the Library

Q: What do I need to check out library materials or use the Media LAB?

A: Conservatory students need a CIM ID. Barcoded cards are given at the library circulation desk for faculty, staff, preparatory students, special borrowers and alumni. Faculty and staff may also use ID cards issued by HR or Access Services.

Q: Why is an ID necessary? 

A: We require IDs to ensure that anything checked out on your patron record was authorized by you. Even if you have worked at CIM for years, it does not necessarily mean that the people working at the Circulation or Media desks will know you. We have new staff and new student staff, and several hundred library users. We require ID cards as a means of deterring identify theft.

Q: Can CIM faculty members have a student assistant check out materials on their behalf? 

A: Yes. We ask that you notify Circulation Supervisor Eric Farnan at for print or AV materials if a particular student will be checking out items for you. Please send your ID with the student to verify authorization for each transaction.

If this will be an ongoing arrangement, please notify us in writing (paper or e-mail) so that we can put this information on file. Students without prior authorization will not be allowed to check out materials on behalf of faculty.

Q: Can I check out materials for other people on my card? 

A: Yes, but we do not recommend it. You are responsible for materials checked out with your card. If the person for whom you did a favor loses or damages the item, you will be responsible for the replacement fee.

Q: What if I get to the Library and realize I have forgotten my ID?

A: Library staff will be happy to put your items on the hold shelf until you can return with your ID. In emergency situations, library staff will seek permission to override the ID requirement from the library director or one of the circulation managers. This is time consuming for you and for us, so please try to remember your ID.

Confidentiality of Patron Information

Q: What does confidentiality of circulation records mean? 

A: This is a policy recommended by the American Library Association as a guideline for all libraries. In practical terms, it means that if an item you want has been checked out, library staff cannot tell you who has the item.

Q: Why is confidentiality necessary? 

A: Library patrons are guaranteed to have an item for two weeks, and should not feel pressured to return an item before then.

Q: What if I really need this item? 

A: Your options depend on how quickly you need the item:

  • You can consult a Librarian or Library staff member to see whether the information or the music you need is available from another source in the Library, or through OhioLINK
  • You can ask the Circulation Supervisor, Eric Farnan, to recall the item, if it has been checked out for two weeks or longer
  • Search the catalogs of the Cleveland Public Library and the Cuyahoga County Public Library to determine if the material you want is available locally


Q: What if a book or score I need is currently checked out and not due until the end of the semester? 

A: Borrowers may recall items that have been on loan to another patron for two weeks. Bring the call number for the item to the Circulation Desk to see if it may be recalled. Recall request forms are also located at the Circulation Desk.

Q: What if I receive a recall notice? 

A: When an item is recalled, the patron will receive a notice explaining that a recall has been placed on an item they have checked out.

The notice will include a new due date for the recalled item. This due date is three days from the date of the first recall notice. (Ex. A notice is sent recalling an item on Sept. 1st. The recalled items new due date will be Sept. 4th.) A second recall notice will be issued on the due date if the item has not been returned.

Q: What if I don't return the recalled item? 

A: Fines are $1.00 per day for overdue recalls. Recalled items that are excessively overdue (3 days or more) will be reported to the library director and the Dean of the conservatory

Q: As a special borrower (alumni, preparatory student, etc.) can I recall an item that is currently checked out? 

A: Items will not be recalled for Special Borrowers.

Due Dates

Q: Can I renew library materials? 

A: The Robinson Music Library has a semester-long borrowing period for all circulating books and scores. In order to renew print materials for the following semester, a patron needs to be in good standing with the library and CIM at large. Prior to being checked out for the following semester, materials must be returned physically to the library in their complete form.

Patrons that have borrowing privileges from the Media Lab may check out items for seven days. Renewals are not permitted, though material may be checked in and re-checked out for another seven days if the account is in good standing.

The Robinson Music Library will not renew materials online or via the telephone. For more information, see Borrowing Policies.

Q: Can I check out library materials beyond the semester due date?

A: Extensions are always granted in the following cases:

  • You have a late recital scheduled after library materials are due
  • You have an incomplete in a semester course and will be finishing up a paper or other coursework and need library materials to do that.
  • You are participating in a CIM sponsored event which will take place after the date library materials are due, and need library materials to prepare for it

Q: What do I need to do to get an extension? 

A: If you need an extension for a late recital, an incomplete, or a CIM event, you should:

  • Speak to Circulation Supervisor Eric Farnan
  • Mention the date of your recital, event, or when you plan to complete unfinished spring coursework. Your extended due date will be based on this information
  • Return library materials not needed for your extension by the end-of-semester due date

Q: What do I do if I want an extension but I don't fall into one of the usual categories listed above? 

A: Speak to Circulation Manager Eric Farnan

Summer Privileges

Q: Who can check out materials from the Library during the summer?

A: If you fall into one of the categories below you can check out materials from the library during the summer:

  • CIM faculty and staff
  • Conservatory or Joint Music Program students enrolled in the fall
  • Students participating in a campus-held festival with clearance from the library director
  • Preparatory students enrolled for the summer session
  • Alumni and special borrowers

Other Options Online/On Campus

Q: When the Robinson Music Library is closed, what are my options?

A: You have multiple avenues you can still pursue during times when the library is closed:

  • The Robinson Music Library website provides access to a variety of web resources that may be accessed 24/7 from any web-enabled computer.
  • The Kulas Music Collection at Kelvin Smith Library is also available to participants in the Joint Music Program. Holdings for both libraries are displayed in the shared online catalog. For general education needs and after-hours study, the Kelvin Smith Library (KSL) is typically open 24/7 during the academic year. After 6pm, you will need your Case ID for access. KSL also houses the Freedman Center.

Library Storage/Off Site Storage

Q: The Library catalog indicates that an item I need is in storage. What should I do?

A: A portion of our collection is housed in a storage facility onsite, and can be retrieved within 24 hours. Anyone with borrowing privileges at CIM can make a request at the Circulation Desk to have an item be retrieved from local storage. If the item you are looking for is housed in our offsite storage facility (CIM JMP off-site storage), anyone in the Joint Music Program can make a request using our online form to have an item retrieved from offsite storage. Please inquire at the Circulation Desk for additional information.

Joint Music Program (JMP) Stickers

Q: I noticed the score I would like to check out is labeled with a green "JMP Only" sticker. What does this mean?

A: Since joining OhioLINK, the Robinson Music Library decided to keep a portion of its collection only available to members of the Joint Music Program. The Joint Music Program includes CIM students and faculty, as well as or CWRU Music/Dance students and faculty. Special borrowers and alumni are not considered part of the Joint Music Program, and therefore cannot check out items labeled "JMP Only." 



A: For items owned by participating libraries within the state of Ohio, OhioLINK is the preferred method of request. For items held by institutions in other states (or potentially internationally), patrons should use ILL. 


A: Interlibrary loan materials can be picked up and returned at the Circulation Desk.You will receive an email notice when your item(s) has been received.

For OhioLINK, patrons may request that items be delivered to any participating OhioLINK library. Most patrons of Robinson Music Library will request items be delivered to our Circulation Desk. (Select CWRU as your institution, and Robinson Music Library as your drop-off location.)


A: OhioLINK is free for all patrons of participating OhioLINK libraries.

Most Interlibrary Loan libraries do not charge borrowing fees, but some libraries do charge for lending via Interlibrary Loan. The Robinson Music Library will absorb lending costs up to $25 per patron, per year. Requests exceeding this limit can be processed, but patrons will be contacted before materials are sent.


A: Items borrowed through OhioLINK will be available to patrons for 21 days from the day it is delivered to campus. These materials can also be renewed through your library account for an additional 21 days.

ILL materials have specific due dates set by the lending library. If you need an item beyond the due date, contact Eric Farnan (email: in advance to request an extension (the lending library will either accept or deny this request). If ILL materials are returned after the due date, any late fees charged by the lending library will become the responsibility of the borrower.


Q: Is it possible to stop in for a research consultation with a Librarian?

A: Yes! Librarians Kevin McLaughlin or Denise Green are happy to assist in this way. You may stop by to ask us a question, or for more in-depth research, we prefer that you schedule a research consultation appointment, so that we can better assist you. You may also fill out Ask A Librarian Form, and we will be in touch via email.