Connecting from Off-Campus

The Robinson Music Library and CWRU Libraries provide access to a variety of online resources that may be used from any campus-networked computer. Any person who has a current CWRU and/or CIM ID may also access these resources from off-campus.

CWRU facilitates off-campus access through the VPN Client and/or Single Sign On. This program is available to those who have an activated CWRU ID. CIM facilitates off-campus access through the VPN Client or EZ Proxy. Please see below for step-by-step instructions on how to set up VPN on your device.

    CWRU VPN Setup

    Note: Full setup of the CWRU VPN requires use of both a mobile device and a computer/tablet. Please follow both parts of the instructions below.

    VPN Basics

    The VPN (Virtual Private Network) through CWRU is an essential tool for accessing IP-based library subscription resources from outside of the authorized networks. Some wired and wireless connections on campus will allow patrons login-free access, while others will additionally require you to log in via single sign-in with your Case ID and password or your CIM ID and password. You may additionally need VPN to access sources off campus or from home.

    CWRU provides access to all of the pertinent setup tools through There are two basic components to the VPN setup: The Fortinet FortiClient (downloaded to a computer/device) and the DuoMobile Security App (downloaded to a phone or alternate device). Learn more, here.

    VPN can be set up on PCs (Windows 7 or higher, Linux, ) or Macs (OS v10.9 or higher). It also works with iOS 9.0.0 or higher (App store), Android 4.1 or higher (Google Play), or Google Chromebook and Chrome Browser (Google Play).

    Tips & Tricks
    • When you are logged into CaseGuest or CIMGuest (the open wireless networks), you will be unable to utilize the online subscription resources. These networks are not authorized through IP address access. VPN must be used for subscription databases. This will be the default network most users' equipment will log onto.
    • CaseWireless and CIMWireless are secured networks (requiring patrons to log in with their Case ID and password, or CIM ID and password, respectively). These networks allow users access to subscription databases without the VPN. The VPN will not work if the patron is already logged into CaseWireless (the authorized network).
    • A great way to check your connection to see if it is authorized is to use, Kelvin Smith's website. There is an icon at the very bottom left of the page that will show red if the connection is not authorized (non-VPN CaseGuest) or green if it is authorized (CaseWireless or CaseGuest+VPN).
    • DuoMobile CAN be installed on the same device as the AnyConnect client, but this will diminish the security value of the software.
    • For additional information on mobile device setup, consult the CWRU LibGuide for mobile setup.