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The links below allow you to download a .pdf file containing a database of all of the CIM ensemble performances that Robinson Music Library has available for listening on CD/DVD or on Cassette. This files are searchable and provide a variety of information including ensemble name, date of performance, works performed, and performers of note. While these recordings may not be checked out of the library by any patrons, our Media Center assistants are happy to play them for you in the library. Please provide the CIM-CD/DVD or Cassette number at the Media Lab desk for service.

The local performance collection is constantly expanding and, as a result, the CD/DVD file will be updated several times throughout the semester. The newest recordings may not immediately be represented in this file; please check at the Media Lab desk if a recent recording for which you are searching is not listed in the file.

Collection Note:: Due to restrictions of space, Robinson Music Library is not able to collect student solo performances. For individual recital recordings, please contact CIM Recording Services.

CD/DVD Recording Database (1999-2019)

*Note: These CIM Performances can also be found in the CIM/CWRU catalog.

Cassette Recording Database (1979-1999)

Reel-to-Reel Recording Database (1969-1979)