March 25, 2021

CIM Prep Supports and Elevates School Music Programs

Saxophone players in Cleveland Youth Wind Symphony
Cleveland Youth Wind Symphony

Music in Our Schools Month®: CIM Prep Supports and Elevates School Music Programs

For nearly a century, the Cleveland Institute of Music’s Preparatory division has provided exceptional extra-curricular music instruction to the brightest young musicians in northeast Ohio. With an historic arts district, the best orchestra in the world and one of the top classical conservatories in the country, it’s no surprise that this area also boasts some of the best school music programs in the state.

March 2021 marks the 46th annual Music in our Schools Month® (sponsored by the National Association for Music Education). MIOSM® engages “music educators, students, and communities from around the country in promoting the benefits of high-quality music education programs in schools.”

CIM Prep provides a world-class supplement to school music programs and includes many school music teachers on our faculty and staff.  Our teachers not only maintain buzzing studios at CIM, but also teach high school orchestra, band and choir at Shaker High School, Bay Village, Chardon and more. CIM Prep enhances these already-robust school music programs with elite training from private lessons, group classes and ensemble training.

“Thousands have been enriched by the focus, discipline and excellence they encountered as young people” says Jerrod Price, Executive Director of Preparatory and Pathway Programs. “Students taking these lessons learn and provide leadership, guidance and a shining example to others in their home programs.”

School music programs are woven into the curriculum of some CIM Prep Ensembles. The Cleveland Youth Wind Symphonies (CYWS), Northeast Ohio’s most prestigious wind and brass ensemble, enrolls approximately 300 students each year. The program requires that students also be members their school music programs in order to be eligible for CYWS. “The Cleveland Youth Wind Symphony is designed and conceptualized as a supplement to the high school music programs,” says Daniel Crain, CYWS Director. “All CYWS members must maintain active membership in their school music programs and must take private lessons on their CYWS instrument. CYWS members take the performance concepts gained at CYWS rehearsals back to their high school programs and share them with their peers at school.”

CIM Conductor of Preparatory Choirs Jennifer Call highlights the importance of school music programs working in conjunction with additional music instruction at CIM: “Students who participate in both their school and CIM ensembles benefit from the immersion in two musical communities. These students experience different ways of approaching musical and technical challenges as well as diverse repertoire that will help them be well-rounded and reflective musicians.”

School music programs provide a vital service to all students, and CIM works to elevate that instruction for students who wish to pursue a future in music. Call continues: “Because of the unique mission of CIM to be the future of classical music, CIM provides schools with the venue for those students who may be interested in a career in music to explore their passion. Knowing the symbiotic nature of the relationship, teachers can trust that students they recommend will be supported in pursing their dreams while continuing to be a valuable part of their school music community.”