CIM's Student Government Association is the first and foremost organization through which students can appeal to the administration. We are here to represent the needs, welfare and the well-being of all students at CIM, from undergraduate freshmen to graduate students and doctoral candidates. We want to help make your time at CIM as fun, inspired and meaningful as possible. 

SGA also organizes events — social, academic and service oriented — that enhance student life at CIM. We invite and encourages the participation of all students. This organization strives to meet the needs and requests of the student body. It maintains an active and positive dialogue with the administration and addresses the daily and long-term needs of the students. 

Meet the 2018-19 SGA Officers

SGA OfficersGet in touch with members of the student government at

President: Sarah Miller, cello

Vice President: Isabelle Ai Durrenberger, violin

Secretary: Rachel Lauson, horn

Treasurer: Ryan Grieser, viola