A variety of health services and resources are available to CIM students through Case Western Reserve University’s Health Services (UHS), including access to clinics; women’s health, men’s health and transgender and non-binary health services; and immunization information.

General Clinic

CIM students can visit the General Medical Clinic at UHS free of charge. The clinic treats a wide range of illnesses, including fever/cough/sore throat, sprains, allergies and more. Learn about this service and how to make an appointment.

Allergy Clinic

If you suffer from allergies and need assistance with allergy injections, UHS can assist you with help from your allergist’s office. Learn more about CWRU’s allergy clinic and who to contact with questions.

Sexual Health

University Health and Counseling Services at CWRU provides sexual health services for CIM students, including women’s health; transgender and non-binary health and counseling; and men’s health.


Immunizations and flu vaccines are available by appointment through UHS. Find available immunizations and learn how to schedule an appointment.