Comedian Rob Delaney Shares His Story

Rob Delaney's personal story about struggling with his depression and thoughts of suicide. He speaks about his actions and thought process in order to get help. Watch the video.

John's Reason to Call

Director John Draper's reason to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, to talk to someone completely objective without previous expectations. Watch the video.

Jordan's Reason to Call

Jordan's personal story about struggling with depression and attempted suicide, specifically what he didn't know, what he knows now and how he found help. Watch the video.

Rhett's Reason to Call

Rhett Miller's personal story about struggling with his thoughts of and attempted suicide. Watch the video

Scott's Reason to Call

Scott reveals how depression made him lose motivation until he realized he was not alone and got help. Watch the video.

Shraddha Shankar's Story About Mental Illness and Suicide

Shraddha Shankar has suffered from mental illness for the majority of her life and has survived 13 suicide attempts over the course of her adolescence. In a powerful talk at TEDxUIUC, she shared her story with the public for the first time, where she talked about the struggles she faced growing up with a severe mental disorder and her secret to finally finding recovery. Watch the video.

Suicide Prevention for College Students

Information about recognizing signs of thoughts of suicide, and how to respond, including examples and testimonials. Watch the video.

The Terry Wise Story

Terry Wise's personal story about struggling with thoughts of and attempted suicide and how she's recovered through reaching out for help. Watch the video.

Why Use Crisis Text Line

Examples of what can be addressed when texting the crisis text line, and how to text them. Watch the video.